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Prices of scion and rootstock are here and again at the far right as well as at the bottom of this list, Column K L and M (beige): are available trees- see grafted trees. Tolerant of low temperatures. NA 1 TO NA 3 are generally Not Available (new trees to me), but the higher the number, the better your chance -always provide alternates with every NA selection. Sold Out Quantity Added! The rock-star, cold-hardy apple from Minnesota. 20-39=$2.50 ea., 40-99+=$2.25 each, 100-499=$2 ea.,500+=$1.75 ea. Requires support. Tree spacing: See details Size is similar to, or slightly smaller than, M26. Copyright 2023 TRECO-Oregon Rootstock & Tree Co. Inc. Woolly Apple Aphid: Very Resistant. orders can begin as early December with requests through email. Geneva 935 Apple Rootstock dwarfs trees to 30-35% of standard height. Direct Rootstock Sales Our fruit and nut rootstock propagation facility, Feather River Plants, utilizes plant tissue culture techniques to clone today's top selections of highly sought-after rootstocks. High yield efficiency. We offer many kinds of disease-resistant and traditional rootstocks. They have been planted on large scales and information exists on potential challenges. Size: 85% of standard. G11(Geneva 11)Requires support. Geneva 214 is resistant to fire blight (Erwinia amylovora); Woolly Apple Aphids, replant disease, and root rot (Phytophthora). Roseland Red Honeycrisp on B9 dwarf rootstock. ; Geneva Stock add $0.75 to each stock. Free shipping for many products! Geneva 30 Apple rootstock. We grow both clonal and seedling, virus free fruit tree rootstock for apple, cherry, pear, plum, and peach. You may make payment immediately without confirmation only if you provide a list of alternates as some varieties are very limited-but most wood is available through July. Very winter-hardy. If the rootstock have been in cold storage bring them up to room temperature by placing them in a warmer area before planting. 1. Precocity is similar to an EMLA 106. It is good rootstock to consider for replant sites. Resistant to collar rot, but susceptible to fire blight and woolly aphids. Click here for additional information on the Geneva series. [95% size of standard tree] Extremely winter hardy stock that does not require support. A virus-indexed clone of M7a. Produces a tree similar to or slightly larger in size to M9-337. Moderate suckering. Choosing the correct rootstock can be the difference between a tree thriving or dying on your site. Shake down a tree-an apple a day is 80 pounds per year. Extremely winter-hardy, as well as tolerant of wet feet. All picked here- few apples, good on grapes. Size: 25% 30% of standard. Smallest to largest rootstock types, repeated at column AA with newer (to me) rootstock G11 to P18 and on to double grafts beginning with 106/M27. Inventory Size: 1/8" 4-5mm Amount: 4774 Size: 3/16" 5-7mm Amount: 6350 Size: 1/4" 7-9mm Amount: 31914 A standard, disease-resistant rootstock for sweet and tart cherries, A peach rootstock commonly used in California, An M.9 class rootstock that is resistant to replant disease, A dwarfing rootstock that is 35% of standard with multiple disease resistances and winter hardiness, A semidwarf rootstock that is more productive and disease resistant than M.26, A Geneva release in the M.26 class that is resistant to woolly apple aphid, Slightly more vigorous than M.26 with improved anchorage and productivity, and woolly aphid resistan, An MM.106 class rootstock that has multiple resistances and good anchorage. The rock-star, cold-hardy apple from Minnesota. $0.50 each additional: 1 year old and last years budded are ALSO $15-unless noted see Grafted Trees 2016PayPal (add 3%) or mail: call/text 206-679-6576 or mail to: Skipley Farm 7228 Skipley Rd. A dwarfing apple rootstock in the Emla 9 class that is disease resistant and free standing. This rootstock requires support and supplemental irrigation is recommended particularly on lighter soils. Has some fire blight resistance, is replant tolerant and has a large dense root mass. Please pay attention to inventory numbers! The primary goals are to: reduce the tree size for manageability reduce labor to increase fruit production per acre improve fruit quality disease resistance where possible Size 50%-60% of standard. $0.50 each additional: 1 year old and last years budded are ALSO $15-unless noted see. [35-40% size of standard tree] Very cold hardy. Most hard of Malling series rootstocks. Monday Sunday: 10:00am-5:00pm, Office Hours: Requires support. Column description with colors beyond the K or beige are tag colors and are for different rootstock and refer to tree sales(not scionwood) used for tracking in the field (tag is what a purchased tree is sent with). Numbers under 5 should always have backup of alternates and are limited to 1 per person/order I do my best to spread genetic material around. Just a little more vigorous than M.9. [35-40% size of standard tree] Fully-dwarfing rootstock similar in size to M.9 with precocity and productivity surpassing M.9 in trials. Not quite so brittle as Malling 9, but staking is still strongly advised.BUDAVGOSKY 10 (Red-Leaved Paradise) (Bud )BUDAVGOSKY 118 (Bud.118) About the same vigor as MM.111, but as winter-hardy as Antonovka. If you dont see what you need then custom order bench grafts where we are grafting nearly year-round. In the mid-1800s horticulturists began referring to rootstocks by name. NSRTANT. 1-877-353-4028Call Us Today! Snohomish, WA 98290 Shipping rootstock>1to4=$10;5to9=$15;10 to19 =$20; 20 to 39=$24; 40 to 99= $23;>100=$23+$.021 each. Its precocity and productivity have shown to be equal to or better than M-9. [35-40% size of standard tree] Has good precocity and yield efficiency. Anchorage: excellent Click here for additional information on the Geneva series. A good replacement for G30 without the graft union brittleness. It is highly yield efficient and productive, with efficiency equal to or greater than M9. $5. Please pay attention to inventory numbers! GENEVA Apple Rootstocks . . Resistant to collar rot and fire blight. Geneva 214 originated from a planned cross in 1975 of Ottawa 3 x Robusta 5 by Cornell University and Geneva Apple Rootstock Breeding Program. Resistant to fire blight, crown rot and woolly apple aphid. Difficult to root in the stoolbed. Malling 9 Produces a fully dwarfed tree with good fruit size and color. No burrknot tendencies!ANTONOVKA This seedling rootstock is grown from seeds imported from Poland. 140mm =100/1 oz. It makes a tree similar in size to EMLA 7. We offer a variety of rootstocks for sale including disease resistant and traditional so that experienced and new growers can create their own orchards. The Apple Collection in Geneva, NY (2008 NYFQ v. 16-1, 6.57 mb pdf) Apple Rootstocks. Get first crack at sales, seasonal fruit tree tips, and orchard stories. You can get these rootstocks for as low as $2.95 each - see Volume Pricing above. Only slightly less vigorous than M9, The Vineland series of apple rootstocks originated as open-. Once planted, water in immediately. Moreover, you can get rootstocks for sale in bundles of 10 which are sold at a 16% discount. It is slightly larger than Emla 26. B10(Budagovski 10)Support required. Preserving the past, growing for the future. All rootstocks are roughly 1/4" diameter, approximately pencil-size. number of salable plants resulting in higher rootstock production cost. We are a local family-run nursery in Ithaca, New York growing many varieties of fruit trees at affordable prices. Choose a fruit category to refine your search. Precocious and very productive. You can graft and bud this high quality rootstocks with about 1/4 diameter. Excellent anchorage. The initial breeding program was started by Drs. They are sensitive to drought- so drip irrigate on a schedule.Bud 10 3/16(35%) Bud 9 and bud 10 have exceptional winter hardiness, crown rot resistance (phytophthora), promotes open scion growth, and produces crops in two to three years with a yield efficiency like that of M-9. M.7 EMLA The old workhorse of the apple industry. A virus-indexed clone of Malling 26, EMLA 26 is more vigorous than EMLA 9, but less vigorous than EMLA 7. Outstanding production. Please send along address and preferred shipping date, and preferred diameter-default is 3/16-1/4 with 1/8 often the case. Not precocious which is one reason we dont put Northern Spy on it!! Robinson, T.L. Resistance to collar rot and fireblight. Resistant to crown rot, fireblight, and the woolly apple aphid; tolerant of replant disease. Text also works but Ill need your email if you want an invoice. Very vigorous; best used as a root-and-trunk stock, with a dwarfing interstem interposed about 16 inches above the ground. M 9 should be planted, This dwarfing rootstock, ideal for high density, This dwarfing rootstock, of Belgium origin, produces a, The interstem M-9 / EMLA 111 produces intermediate, is a Malling 9 type rootstock. Requires support. Burrknots and suckers are rare. Disease Resistance Geneva210 is tolerant to apple replant disease and resistant to fire blight, collar rot and wooly apple aphid. 10-19 $3 EA. Below are the rootstocks we normally work with, if you are looking for a rootstock you do not see listed, please contact us and we may be able to source it for you. $24 max (around 500). At OGW we offer a diversity of food plants and their companions from around the world. Size: 60% or standard. In some tests, Bud.9 has not been quite as productive as Malling 9. We support local food sovereignty- grow your own One Green World! Use Geneva stock for apple replant disease-where you need to plant in an old apple tree site.PAJAM-2, 40%) ~zero available-When considering a high density orchard the M-9 Pajam 2 rootstock would be a good choice if youre looking for a vigorous M-9.EMLA26, (45%), some older Available Recommended for use on all but badly drained soils. We are a family owned and operated nursery in Portland Oregon. Burr Knots: N Rootstock size class: Semi-Dwarf (45% of Standard) It is a winter hardy rootstock with low suckering. Ease of Grafting: Y, Fireblight: Very Resistant EMLA 7, about 60% the size of trees on seedling, is very winter hardy. We ship using a PayPal platform which requires email and that way you get tracking. Has tendency to sucker. Similar in size to M26, Geneva202 is precocious and productive. Log in to your account to access the best pricing based on your past purchases; also see wholesale information. G.890 is tolerant to replant disease, and resistant to fire blight, crown rot, and wooly apple aphid. grafting putty/sealer. Geneva11 is similar to, or slightly less vigorous than, M9-337 in size. Rootstocks not only determine the overall size, vigor, and precociousness of a tree but also what soil types it can grow in, its drought tolerance and how well anchored your tree will be. Flexiband Grafting Rubbers: Blue rubbers from the Netherlands, these are perfect for 1/4 whip and tongue, splice, side and cleft grafts up to 3/4. Some reports that fruit size is smaller, but this may be due to excessively heavy fruit setQUINCE A A Fully dwarfing rootstock, with very heavy production. MUST BE ORDERED BY JULY 1ST. Inventory Size: 1/8" 4-5mm Amount: 47 Size: 3/16" 5-7mm Amount: 7422 Size: 1/4" 7-9mm Amount: 19469 Size: 3/8" 9-12mm Amount: 0 Size: 1/2" 12+mm Amount: 0 Counts: Actual EMLA 26 is not as vigorous as EMLA 7, but is much easier to manage in the orchard.Supporter 4, 3/16 (55%) 100 available: Trees on Supporter 4 are more uniform than those on M-26 with little burr knotting and overgrowth, also it is more collar rot resistant. It is similar to EMLA 7, but has better anchorage, higher production and fewer burr knots. An excellent choice for a free-standing, disease-resistant tree of M.7 size.. Also known as Geneva 969. Yes. Any chance for a loquat scion which would bear fruit in the San Francisco Bay Area? Planting. Geneva41 is very cold hardy and precocious. For over 80 years TRECO has grown, and developed the finest virus-certified dwarf-ing and semi-dwarfing apple rootstocks for markets worldwide. Bench grafted BUDDED trees are $15 each, shipping is $20 up to 8 trees. It is precocious, resistant to fire blight, crown rot, and woolly apple aphid, replant tolerant, and propagates well in the stool bed. Grafting Care. You can also inquire about custom trees. This is the full retail price for orders of 1-24 rootstocks. It is well anchored and resistant to wooly apple aphid and collar rot. Diameter varies from to with our ideal but smaller sticks or diameters may be all we have as I am primarily a Fruit Grower-so often annual scionwood is less than ideal. Can be used as a rootstock for grafting persimmon trees. Suckering can be a problem with some interstem trees. The standard rootstock against which all semi-dwarf stocks are measured, An extremely hardy and vigorous rootstock from Russia, A full-vigor, extremely cold-hardy rootstock, A semi-dwarf, fireblight-resistant pear rootstock, A full-vigor pear rootstock that is resistant to fireblight, precocious, and productive, A dwarfing plum rootstock that is compatible with peach and nectarine, A semi-dwarf, disease-resistant rootstock for apricot and plum, A semi-standard cherry rootstock that is similar in vigor to Mahaleb. Any available? Precocious: Y A widely-planted rootstock in high-density orchards. It should have support for certain varieties like Red Delicious, Rome and Fuji. Nic 29. See Grafted Trees. Yellow Honeycrisp on B9 dwarf rootstock. Moderate resistance to both fireblight and woolly apple aphid and replant tolerant. Resistant to collar rot and apple scab. [75-85% size of standard tree] Vigorous, well anchored rootstock that is resistant to collar rot and woolly apple aphids. Precocity e trees that are about 40% of standard, similar to emla26. It is tolerant to replant disease. Compact Fruit Tree 36(3):70-73. This is the full retail price for orders of 1-24 rootstocks. Susceptible to fire blight. Okulette budding bands $0.05 each, also decompose in light. Cameron nursery grades roots into 3 grades and 6 sizes from 1/8" to 7/16". Climate zipcode lookup T. Over 85 and under 28 can cause damage. Half of standard-sized tree. Not compatible with Honeycrisp. Very resistant to fire blight, woolly apple aphid, and crown and root rot. Not compatible with Honeycrisp. Learn more about apple rootstocks in this article. A late-blooming, crack-resistant tart cherry with red flesh. But, which rootstock you use depends on your site, goals and scion. Shipping rootstock>1to4=$10;5to9=$15;10 to19 =$20; 20 to 39=$24; 40 to 99= $23;>100=$23+$.021 each. GENEVA APPLE ROOTSTOCKS COMPARISON CHART v.4 . Irrigation is very helpful. Results will include your selected size class and similar sizes. Geneva 41 is immune to fire blight, crown rot and wooly apple aphid. Mature tree size may differ in other climates and growing conditions. Malling 26 Very productive dwarf tree but south of Pennsylvania, maybe more vigorous than expected. It is, A cross of M 26 x Robusta 5 hybrid, G 11 is similar in vigor to, This exciting new rootstock is one of several in a series of, This rootstock was developed at the Cornell University, Geneva 41 resulted from a cross between M.27 and Robusta, Another high-performing Geneva clone, G.210 has done the, One of the high-performing Geneva rootstocks, G.214 is the, will probably be competitive with G.41 in terms of tree, ) Reportedly very fire-blight resistant and producing a tree as, This is considered to be the full dwarf tree. sworn statement to enter france from uk, sabel 2004 cabrera benedicto art form,