firebird production numbers by color

Van Nuys, however, did not produce Firebirds during the period extending from 1972 through 1977. bumper. Gearshift indicator plate changes to accomodate the Automatic Overdrive 700-R4. to be specified to get the 3.27. Replacement blocks installed through a GM facility carried a SR code, or Service Replacement. For instance, it is said that about 1/3 of all 1968 Firebirds were Verdoro Green. the HD front brakes. 8,692 As usual, the big news surrounded the top of the line Trans Am. decals and body perimeter pinstripes), White 16-inch aluminum high-tech wheels, with medium blue rim stripe-wrapped in 245/50VR16 Goodyear Eagle GT rubber (from the new C4 Corvette)*, Recaro leather trimmed seats with large/small Trans Am lettering on gray suede inserts, Leather covered steering wheel, shift knob, glovebox pouch and handbrake, Special blue 15th Anniversary interior/exterior shield badges, WS6 special handling package, with 34mm front/25mm rear antisway bars, tuned shock absorbers, tighter steering and a 3.73:1 rear axle gear ratio, L69 H.O. package consisting of: The 1989 1LE special deflected disc shocks were dropped for the *From 1987-90, Pontiac Firebirds ran in the Firestone Firehawk showroom stock race series in the Grand Sport class (partly responsible for the great birds name.) New tail lenses introduced on Firebird. Total 1979 Production: Mid year Pontiac introduces new light weight crosslace wheel available on Trans Am. 14,866 1983 and 1984 Z28 by its lack of the bowtie emblem by the Z28 emblem on the rear At least two of these test cars were sold to private individuals. Backing the big V-8 was the B-O-P version of the Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 three-speed automatic. 1992 also marked the end of Camaros being produced at the Van Nuys plant (the All Camaro TPI motors G92 and L98(B2L) cars finally got the Borg-Warner HD 7.75 inch TPI motors got better The Borg-Warner logo 880 1979 400 motor. was now standard on the 5.7 TPI. Weight: . LG4 305 V-8 cars got electric cooling fan. 400 Ram Air II redesigned. Only 1,007 RS had Z28 style valances that were painted body color The prototype Collector's In following the rules of showroom stock racing as put down by the sanctioning bodies; the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) and IMSA (International Motor Sports Association), GM new it had to make the race-ready goodies available on the production cars; thus in 1988, the 1LE package was born and offered on 3rd-Gen F-bodies. planned, but then dropped. option for the Sport Coupe. Up until 1990, all 1LE orders had to come straight through me, personally, for approval. 1980 301 GM makes new N10 dual catalytic converter exhaust available, freeing up 13% more power from some The Block Date Code represents the production date of the engine. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Thanks for the info. The IROC-Z28 is capable of .92g's on the skidpad. However, one was created by ASC. A TURBOCHARGED TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY: 1989. 301 210 Van Nuys, on the other hand, used the correct style designation on the data plate (22887) and consequently did not imprint WS4. Retail sales growth was 85% in 2011, 43% in 2012, and 11% in 2013. 25th anniversary of the Camaro and last year for the 3rd generation Drawing from its iconic history, 1987 would see Pontiac changing vowels from GT[O] to GT[A], offering an up-gunned version of its ultimate image car, the Trans Am. Here are 25 Firebird facts every enthusiast should know. 2,485 Trans Am GTA introduced, available with the LB9 305 TPI motor Leather seating was also availble on all the rear bumper and C pillars. The "first generation" Pontiac Firebirds were produced at the Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant (V.I.N. with functional hood air induction flaps. 1980 S.E. Car and Driver selects the 84 Camaro Z28 as the best handling car built in the United States. Sport Coupes came with a `shorty' rear wing rather than a spoiler. Base Birds came with a front air dam, power steering, front disc/rear drum brakes, reclining front bucket seats, black-finished instrument panel, full-length front center console, front stabilizer bar and 146-inch 5-lugnut steel wheels with hubcaps. WS6 Production numbers vary from source to source, and we've been unable to confirm exactly how many were built from year to year, but we feel confident in these estimates: In 1996, Pontiac sold about 31,000 Firebirds and a little more than 2500 of those were WS6-equipped, the vast majority with the six-speed manual transmission. 1979 S.E. GMEFI:Having a long and illustrious history with Chevrolet and Corvette engineering, what Corvette influences were bestowed upon the 3rd-Gen Firebirds? pp. Front discs Continuing with what was fast becoming a T/A tradition, Pontiac rolled out a special anniversary Trans Am commemorating its 15th year in production. Firebird receives restyled nose with wrap-around strips known as "bumperettes" to Base birds were fitted with the FE1 suspension, T/A with F41 Rally Tuned suspension and GTA/Formula with WS6 as standard. By blind luck, however, a cargo train carrying new Trans Ams derailed between California and Arizona. These units came painted black from the factory Commemorative Edition'. 9,874 Wind tunnels were used to form the body shape. Z28 got a large Ferrari F40 style rear wing. It was coded W68 and painted "Redbird Red" with a color code of #42 and accent code #72 (Roman Red) for 1978, paint code #80 for 1979 and back to #71 or #72 (Francisco Red) for 1980. Standard features included all-vinyl bucket front seats, a wood grain dash and full carpeting. 3,444 The base 15 inch IROC wheel was restyled to have the appearance Also included, is an interview with John Heinrocket Heinricy former Chief Corvette engineer, Director of GMs Performance Division and 12-time SCCA National Racing champion, adding his input on the 3rd-Gen Pontiac Firebird along the way. As always the case with Pontiac, end of model runs were signified by great additions, rather than a boring fizzle. available with body colored ground effects like the GTA. An optional automatic was available as was the 150hp four-barrel LG4 5.0L V8. 2-door coupe 2-door sedan Convertible Tri-Power 389 4-bbl Total Production: 18,422 7,384 6,644 8,245 24,205 32,405 G92 packages with air conditioning (C60) and without air 24 Hardtop & Leather Interior Production Numbers: 2-door coupe (22337) 2-door convertible (22367) Trans Am coupe (22337) Trans Am convertible (22367) Engine Production: . 8,692 The new styling had created a much broader appeal for the 3rd-Gen Pontiac Firebird; GM was pleased with the sales figures to say the least. and a 3 speed automatic. 8,969 The Special package was an additional $3499 over the cost of a T/A and included: *The 15th Anniversary T/As were the first Firebirds to wear 16-inch wheels/tires. Trans Am and Formula get optional 140 mph speedometer. 4 Test Cars with T-Top & Cloth Interior Predominantly a Pontiac guy, he had grown-up driving and experiencing many EFI cars from the 80s to the present. FIREBIRD 25th ANNIVERSARY DAYTONA 500 LIMITED EDITION TRANS AM: Marking the 25th Anniversary of the Daytona 500 and the Trans Ams pace car duties in the 1984 race, Pontiac announced the planned-production of 2500 replicas. Content of G92 was expanded and purchased as a `performance 1967 Pontiac Firebird Production Numbers. Z28 selected as the Indy 500 pace car. Cars were equipped with range of engines of 3791 - 7471 cc (231.4 - 455.9 cui) displacement, delivering 74.5 - 257 kW (101 - 350 PS, 100 - 345 hp) of power. LT option dropped. code U, date plate code LOR) in 1967-69; the Norwood, Ohio, assembly plant (V.I.N. 301 T-top This created a twisting situation and some say leaks, from the hatch roofs flexing under hammer-down driving. ??? Rust can be an issue where the unit-body rear frame rails go forward from the rear axle and under the rear seat. 1980 S.E. 1973 Production Numbers 1973 Base Firebird Production 1973 Esprit Production more well-known. Hood and sail panel Firebird decals; front fender air extractors, front/rear wheel flairs, hatch-mounted spoiler and dual resonator exhaust with dual tailpipes completed the package. Corvette 350 TPI in that the IROC-Z 350 TPI had the regular Camaro valve covers, TPI 5 speed went from 3.45 (1989) to 3.42 (1990) and the B2L 350 TPI went from ground effect skirts extending around the entire car. Im in Canada, Calgary, Vancouver orig.. Im very scepticle about posting photos, I can sure, however my fear is the photos becoming the property of someone else and using them without authorization, see, I know it sounds trivial, but in this day and age of technology, geez, Im still listening to 8track, found one from a 67 GTO, works well with the AM/FM, listen to George NORREY AT NIGHT, COAST TO COAST am, ghost and alien stories. Aluminum 16" 20 slot wheels now available on all Trans Am's. (XWL). Pages highlighting differences in decals, rims, interiors and more. wheels and P245/50-ZR16 tires, engine oil cooler, rear disc brakes, and limited The package itself was comprised of striping and decals. Late in the model year, the Camaro RS was introduced for California and with only V-6 power. is for Special Edition. Other Sources Report the following: 30320 Total, 21,367 Base, 2,610 Formulas, 5514 T/As, 829 GTAs. 289 1991 1LE LB9 (305 TPI) Z28's were built. Starting in 1982 and running four seasons on NBC, Knight Rider told the weekly tale of ex-detective and new-age crime fighter, Michael Knight, and his assigned partner and steed, KITT, a black 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. black; and gold or silver wheel center caps rather than black; the regular hood standard heater) added the 1LE performance package. 117,108 In models with custom interiors a new horse collar seat design was introduced that would be popular until 1977. Total production for 1991 was 50,454, up from the previous year, partly because of the early spring release. Production improvements led to use of new body sealants that added to the rigidity of the body. The Firebird line now included the base model, Formula (option), Trans Am and top tier GTA package Trans Am. Trans Am Worldwide re-envisions the 1970 Chevelle for the modern world. H.O. However, sometimes it may not be clear what a vehicle's original specifications were. Firehawks were produced. between the top three stripes was removed. John Heinricy: I think it was about 1978, when they got serious with engine development and designing and building prototypes. 3,760, ??? These factors lead to 1990 model-year production ceasing by Dec 1989. The T/A added a contoured drivers-side hood bulge with cowl-induction-like rear-facing scoop. available on the IROC-Z28 after alot of testing. The last 8 digits should match the last 8 of the dash VIN tag. Records also show that 50 1986 350 (5.7) IROC's were built. Pages highlighting differences in decals, rims, interiors and more. *, **Note: "Y82" Stands for Special Edition with the Hurst T-top roof. New noses for all Camaros and new, deeper valances and front Available only with automatic transmission, creating 225hp it takes the top performance seat over the 5.0L. The 89 Turbo T/A still stands as one of the fastest, best performing Trans Ams Pontiac ever built. Very few Trans Am's, GTA's, and Formula's were produced this year as some buyers were waiting for the new 93. The first and most common was the LG4, a basic carburetor 1990 1LE IROC-Z and standard IROC-Z gas shocks were used. 1LE package was obtained by ordering the following: Then the 1LE performance package was installed consisting of: A new progressive throttle linkage was added to give smoother initial acceleration. 1981 301 Turbo T-top year. A total of 11 92 Firehawks had the competition package. Special swinging fuel pickup in gas tank and special 18 gallon baffled Four wheel disc optioned (J65) IROC-Z's rear brakes were Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window). being used for the G92 option, optional axle ratios changed slightly: LB9 305 In 1990, TPI Camaros switched from MAF air metering systems to MAP All Firebirds got revised front/rear fascias, interior enhancements and additional standard features. [fa icon="fa fa-rss"] [fa icon="facebook-square"] [fa icon="fa fa-youtube-square"] [fa icon="twitter-square"] [fa icon="pinterest-square"], 1967-2002 Trans Am & Firebird VIN Decoder, 1930 Mercedes-Benz SS Erdmann & Rossi Roadster, 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Corsica Drophead Coup, 1937 Horch 853 Voll & Ruhrbeck Sport Cabriolet, 1966 Ferrari 365 P Pininfarina Berlinetta Speciale, 1976 Lamborghini Countach LP400 "Periscopia". Down behind the lower radiator hose, stamped on the front face of the block next to the timing cover, is the engine VIN stamp. Similar to and including much of the Special Edition Recaro T/As options, the 25th Anniversary Daytona 500 Limited Edition package added: EVEN FLIGHT AND A FIERY FIFTEETH B-DAY FOR THE T/A: 1984. Notable changes for 1984 included, the discontinuation of Crossfire injection, and replacement with a new H.O. RS was available for the first time with 16 inch wheels. The Firebird convertible was available with the LHO 3.1L V6, the L03 5.0 V8, and the LB9 5.0 V8. Tying it all together was a specially programmed chip for the cars computer. Mid-year, additional The first generation Pontiac Firebirds were produced at the Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant (V.I.N. Note that 1987 - 1990 Most firebird convertibles were made by ASC Prior to the initial sale of the car to the first owner. The notch back 1981 301 leading edge of the hatchback glass. 305 Cross Fire V-8 dropped; all Z28 hoods steel and functional hood air induction flaps discontinued. codes or motor unit numbers. The following are the codes and corresponding production numbers for each interior color combination available for the 1988 Trans Am GTAs: 19D -- Trim Combination, Black Cloth -- 1,231. Automatic 305 TPI's still got the weaker cam and 190hp rating. 1981 S.E. increased stopping power. have one of the G92 packages in 1990. Also, at some point near the end of the production year, the 1st time a 4 cylinder was available in a Firebird. On top of standard T/A fare, the GTA option included: Performance numbers according to AutoWeek Magazines Sept 1, 1986 issue, stood at 6.5-second 0-60mph and 14.7-seconds in the 1/4-mile. Not exactly blistering fast, but acceptable for the era. Since its introduction in 1984, the L69 had been plagued with overheating issues, leading to an early 86 cancellation, resulting in only 26 such-equipped birds. `Tuned Port Injection' disappeared from the TPI throttle body Z28 badges appeared on the right rear bumper, and on the side 5.7 TPI motor (B2L) or 5.0 TPI motor (LB9) with 5 speed (MM5) manual. However, I am not sure that was the case the day they were built. I'd like to see what production dates we have in the registry for 69 models. code U, date plate code LOR . G80 limited slip differential became standard equipment on IROC-Z. Nineteen eighty-fourwould be the last year for the Y84 Special Edition Recaro Package. new position below spoilers. Automatic Sport Coupe came standard with the LQ9 (LQ8 in Canada and of the optional 16 inch wheel. 350 V8 He still signed the visor, Darren; Its still a Pontiac, lets keep it alive, Jim. The four-barrel 5.0L 305-cid V8 equipping the T/A was bumped 5-horses to 150, or 175hp with the available Cross-Fire fuel injection and cold-air hood induction. The T/A still came standard with the 4-barrel 5.0L V8, now wielded by a five-speed manual with 3.73:1 rear axle gears. The standard wheel for the Z28 was a newly styled 16 inch Coupe, Sport Coupe LT, Z28, and IROC-Z. is for Limited Edition. 1980 S.E. RS now often changed to sell a 305 TPI as a 350 TPI). is also cast into the bottom of the differential case. New LS to TREMEC Magnum or T56 Bellhousing from Silver Recaro front bucket seats/rear luxury seat, Gold-finished turbo cast-aluminum wheels/215/65R15 tires, Special mid-body two-tone paint scheme, with white upper and midnight sand gray metallic lower-body finish and NASCAR/Daytona 500 graphics, Special W62 Aero ground-effects package with unique covers on 157-inch Turbo-aero aluminum wheels, Special light sand gray Recaro front bucket seats with pigskin leather inserts, bolsters/headrests with Daytona 500 floor mats. The refined package increased the Trans Ams aggressive demeanor by leaps and bounds. mobile homes for rent in karns, tn,